National Cadet Corps (NCC)

As an all round development of personality is essential and formal classroom education is not sufficient, the National Cadet Corps is an organization which helps young women in personality development.

Vanita places great emphasis on student participation in the N.C.C. A number of our cadets pass the ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate exams held by the Ministry of Defense.

The government gives numerous incentives to enterprising cadets in the form of reservation of seats in education, employment, army recruitment and financial assistance through scholarships. Outstanding Cadets from Vanita have been sent abroad on Youth Exchange Programs.

National Services Scheme(NSS) component under NCC

The National Services Scheme volunteers participating in a special camp, are entitled to a merit certificate from the University which enables her to get preference in admission for higher education.

While acceding that class-room education is of paramount importance, VANITA recognizes that much more is necessary for the complete development of personality. This is where the NCC helps young students to discipline themselves. NCC is a 3 year training course and earns the cadet a Certificate. NCC cadets are entitled to reserved seats in higher education courses. Training programs in First Aid, Parades etc. are conducted in the morning hours, before the regular college timings, so as to facilitate student participation. Outstanding cadets are sent abroad on Youth Exchange Programs. The College has a fairly large NCC unit. One of our NCC Cadets was selected from Andhra Pradesh for a Youth Exchange program to Singapore and in Canada.