Rules for admission:
  • No donations are accepted for admissions.
  • Candidates should fill in the application forms in their own handwriting.
  • Candidates should fill in separate application form for each group and medium. No transfer will be allowed from one group/medium to another after the admission has been finalized.
  • Only one copy of the prospectus will be given to each candidate irrespective of the number of applications purchased.
  • Incomplete forms will be rejected.
  • Admission to all classes will be strictly on the basis of merit and reservation.
  • Candidates are expected to preserve the counterfoil of the fee challan and produce it at the time of admission.
  • List of candidates selected for admission to various courses will be displayed on the notice board of the college. No intimation will be sent individually. Candidates should periodically check from the college office about the likely dates of the display of lists.
  • If a candidate fails to pay the fees within the stipulated time, she will not be considered for the subsequent lists.
  • Original documents should be submitted along with the application forms.
  • The fees payable is listed in the supplement.
  • The fee structure for all classes in subject to change from time to time. Enquiries should be made from the office before payment of fees.
  • Wherever the strength of the students in any combinations is less then the minimum prescribed by the authorities that combination will not be available
Documents to be enclosed for admission:
  • T.C from the college or school where the candidates studied previously.
  • Memo of marks of the qualifying exam.
  • Migration certificate in case of students coming from University/Board other than Osmania University.
  • Caste Certificate from MRO showing the sub-caste and A B C D groups.
  • udents are required to attend at least 75% of the classes in each subject.
  • The examinations forms of only such candidates will be forwarded to the University who has at least 75% of the attendance by the date of sending the examination forms.
  • The college has full authority to stop the students with less than 75% attendance from appearing in examinations.
  • For the purpose of counting attendance the date of commencement of the classes shall be taken into account and not the date of admission of the candidate.
  • o Student will be allowed to absent herself from the college without leave, for which an application must be submitted not later than the first day of return to the college. Applications for leave grounds of ill-health during college examinations must be accompanied by a medical certificate. The name of the student absenting without leave for more than 15 consecutive working days will be struck off the rolls.
  • If any student discontinues her studies in the middle without informing the Principal, she will be liable to pay the whole year’s fees.
  • If any student is continuously absent for a period of more than one month they should come with their parents in order to resume her classes.
  • Attendance for tests and House examinations is compulsory.
  • Those who absent themselves from tests and examinations will be fined heavily if they do not produce genuine medical reason.
Conduct of Student:
  • Be friendly without being familiar, eager without being aggressive, respectful without being servile. Students are often judged not only by scholastic ability but also by their class room behavior. It is in poorest taste to talk or eat in class, sleep, yawn, write letters, look at your wrist watch or stack your books before the bell rings.
  • Punctuality in attending lectures should be strictly observed. Late comers shall lose their attendance for the lecture for which they are late.
  • Students should not loiter in the college grounds or make noise during working hours. During free periods they should work silently in the library.
  • Students are expected to be neat and clean. Their dress must be simple and must conform to the standards of modesty maintained by the institution.
  • Students are not allowed to see any visitors during working hours.
  • Students are advised to see the notice board everyday.
  • Students are advised that the ragging is strictly prohibited in the college premises as per Govt. orders.
  • Faculty members will be very happy to meet you on any working day after 3:00 pm. You can meet the Principal or Vice Principal between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.
  • The Principal and faculty members will discuss about the progess of your daughter of ward with you and listen to all that you have to say.
  • This college detains students appearing for the University Examinations for shortage of attendance and indiscipline.
Students' Charter:
  • APSRTC Bus Pass will not be issued if the monthly attendance is less than 75%.
  • Bonafide certificate will be issued only once in a year. It should be photo copied for any other purpose by the student herself.
  • College gates will be closed at 10:00am and late comers will not be allowed into the college..
  • Use of Mobile phones is banned during college hours from 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M as per Govt. orders.
  • Outsiders will not be allowed into the college.
  • Cleanliness must be maintained within the premises. Any violation is strictly prohibited.
  • Intermediate In-Charge Principal should be contacted for any matter pertaining to Intermediate.
  • A drop-box is available in all floors for any suggestions/complaints.
  • The students should contact the Vice-Principal and HODs for their grievance redressal.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in college and Hostel premises.