Curricular Activities

Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

As the college is committed to nurturing the self-confidence of the students, it provides them adequate opportunities for expressing their talents in various fields. In order to achieve this end the college conducts literary and cultural activities every year. The students participate enthusiastically in various competitions such as Rangoli, Light and Classical Music, Painting, Floral Arrangements, Embroidery, Anthyakshari, Dumb Charades and Dance. The literary competitions like poetry writing, Essay writing, Creative writing, Urdu Baith Bazzi, Quiz, Sanskrit and Arabic Recitations, Hindi literary Anthyakshari invite overwhelming responses from the students.

Other Extra Curricular Activities

  • "Sangeet Vanita" Club provides opportunity for talented students to experiment with innovative ideas.
  • participate in drama, dance and music. It also helps to cultivate and nurture their love for the art of their choice.
  • The Arts and Crafts Club facilitates self expression through handicrafts, Glass & Pot paintings.