Computer Center

The college has the latest information technology with an Internet Broad Band facility. This institution has been the first in twin cities to provide internet facility for staff and research students to enable them to access information from all over the world.

The college has four fully air-conditioned computer labs and a computer center with the following facilities:

  • COMMERCE Computer Lab: 60 core2duo systems.
  • VOCATIONAL Lab: 20 dual core Systems in LAN.
  • ANURAG Computer Lab: 35 systems.
  • ANUPAM Computer Lab: 20 core2 duo systems.
  • M.B.A. LAB: All the systems connected on Networking with 30 computers and Internet facility.
  • Computer Center in College: 15 systems with Beam Leased Line Internet facility.
  • Computer Center in Hostel: 10 systems with Broadband
  • Each department is provided with one computer for maintenance of stock register, books % of attendance and with Internet connection etc.
  • All Computer Labs are equipped with UPS, and various software packages for students.